Music is mankind's friends, music is inseparable from creative inspiration. Some people will be inspired by that very mysterious, inspired by the phenomenon known as "God doctrine." Some people put aside creative inspiration, but rigid rules mechanically copy music, like the depiction of the map as depicted by melody or harmony, music formulaic, and some inspiration that will be used in the creation of music is simple emotional creation, these ideas are Is wrong. We can be inspired by the idea of music plug in the wings, and we want to go to the place. So what inspired the music played in the creation of what kind of role it » Composer Nie Er in the creation of China's "Volunteer Marche," the strong spirit of patriotism he has in mind a clarion call for the inspiration. Inspiration in the music creation in the status of other creative techniques can not substitute for, if not inspiration, then create the music is dull, so the music is the theoretical formula spelled. To make the music to create a more attractive, more valuable inspiration is essential. Then to study how to cultivate music-inspired, first of all we must study what is the inspiration. 




我不是在美国流行歌曲热衷,他们对我太可怕了!的旋律不软,漂亮可言!这么快,强拍,太令人兴奋的,并不能清楚地听到他们的声音。我不能忍受强烈的节拍,几乎让我晕倒! 总之,音乐在我生活中非常重要的地位。至于音乐的重要性,我的生活,我想你可以猜到,它就像吃饭,睡觉,我不能没有它。有没有人想从我出去了,我要去争取他,永不放弃!


Previously heard people say: creation is inspired by. The so-called inspiration of the moment is a sentiment through the art of its performance by, everyone has feelings, everyone has the source of creativity, it is only some people will be digging Out, some people are not! 


I can only agree with this view part! 

I think the world does not exist nothingness Piaomiao of inspiration, one day I heard from the radio in the final of a pop music contest judges have talked about the inspiration, suddenly have slightest idea: 


In fact, is inspired in a specific environment through a process of the necessary result of the formation of such inspiration is not by chance, and should be granted. There are three specific considerations process: 

1. Accumulation of the process (the accumulation of various aspects, including knowledge of emotional impression, etc.) 

2. Reflections on the course (this is a very painful process, but it is every success in the creation of the necessary experience) 

3. That the process (of inspiration here have) 

May be as early as the second course there were the inspiration on, but we have not found, may be thinking is not enough, when we found inspiration when it has come in behind us, there is a real find her hundreds of people in the back, suddenly look back , The lights that people have the feeling of upset ~~~~~~~~